Who is TeamSAATH?

SAATH is an acronym for Stand Against Abuse Troll Harassment. And that is our identity, that is who we are.

We came into being in November 2020 with one idea in mind- We will not let hate or intolerance that results in abuse, troll and harassment silence the voice of people on Twitter.

Hate has gained a lot of convenience through the ease that was essentially meant to make the experience, user-friendly. Fake profiles, opaque hateful profiles, providing deliberate misinformation, owning multiple handles with the sole intent of troll & abuse, all of this makes abuse, troll & harassment an unchallenging job with just one prerequisite of being loaded with hate.


Our objective, in a nutshell, is to take Twitter from Bitter to Better.

There is an enormous amount of hate that is always stocked up to be directed at users for varied reasons- political inclinations, ideological differences, etc. This hate manifests itself in the form of abuse, troll, harassment & threats. It is worse in the case of women with rape threats & sexist remarks being used as tools to silence & scare them.

It is sometimes structured, sometimes patternless. To counter it, we need a system in place. And we’re striving to be that system for each sane user of the platform.

Our objective is to

  • Cleanse the platform of abuse, troll & harassment.
  • Stand by the victims of online bullying & safeguard them.
  • Deter the offenders by sending out a message that there are repercussions of their misdeeds.
  • Make hate and intolerance a costly affair on Twitter, through account restrictions, suspensions and real world legal/police complaints.
  • Use our reach for the larger good and for voicing concerns of the oppressed and harassed

We work within the framework provided by Twitter through its elaborate set of rules and policies about abuse, harassment, hateful conduct, private information, violence and more.

We’re not Twitter police. The drift we’ve all experienced in using social media platforms in recent times is greatly perceptible. Troll armies often make an expression of opinion a scary and risky affair. We’re here to counter it in a methodized way, to make Twitter a more breathable and less toxic platform.


We work on cases where people need us to look into a matter that they think is concerning by tagging us. Content that violates Twitter rules is taken on by us. We report the same under the suitable head. In more grave cases, we file cyber complaints and often get in touch with the Police and the concerned authorities under whose jurisdiction a particular case falls.


If there is any issue of Abuse, Troll & Harassment on Twitter that you would like us to look into, you can send a Direct Message to us on the Twitter app. We go by the handle @TeamSaath

For all queries, feedback and other concerns, we can be reached at teamsaathofficial@gmail.com

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